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 Freight Masters Logistics
Freight Masters Logistics

Air Freight

Our airfreight products has been designed to meet the demands of our clients irrespective whether it is personal baggage that require door to door movement or an urgent spare part delivery to an oil rig in the arctic ocean. We combine our strengths to the Airfreight services by combining true multi modal service where we do Helicopter deliveries to Oil-rigs or to a stranded ship in the ocean. We innovate solutions for our customers and find new ways to make your air cargo movements more effective to become your transportation architect.

We offer you the most cost effective air freight solutions in partnership with first class carriers to provide you complete visibility with reliable transit times. Our clients enjoy cost-saving through our air consolidations, fully-integrated, door-to-door services and charter programs.

Following are the Air freight services we offer.

  • International Consolidations
  • Sea-Air Services
  • Door-to-Door Services
  • Charters
  • USA & Canada Domestic deliveries
  • Live Animals and Perishables
For inquiries, please Email: inquiries@fml-inc.com